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CR2 Battery (1er Blister)
from 3,60 EUR
incl. 20 % Tax excl.
CR123A Battery (1er Blister)
from 2,99 EUR
incl. 20 % Tax excl.
V430 6V-Block (4R25 X) Battery
from 4,80 EUR
incl. 20 % Tax excl.
V23GA Battery (1er Blister)
from 1,99 EUR
incl. 20 % Tax excl.
Pro Power 9V-Block (6LR61) Battery (1er blister)
from 3,60 EUR
incl. 20 % Tax excl.

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APC RBC45 (compatible)
APC RBC45 (compatible)
from 21,90 EUR
incl. 20 % Tax excl.
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More sub catagories:

Alkaline batteries

Standard alkaline batteries by Energizer, Panasonic, Varta. AAAA (LR61, E96), Micro (AAA, LR03, LR3), Mignon (AA, LR06, LR6), Baby (C, LR14), Mono (D, LR20), E-Block (9V-Block, 6LR61) Lady N(LR1). High class, low priced batteries from first class manufacturers.


Zinccarbon /Zincchloride batteri

Standard Zinc-Carbon and Zinc-Chloride batteries by Panasonic and Varta. 4.5V Block  (3 LR12), Varta V430 Lampenbatterie (4R 25), Varta V431 (4R 25), Varta 540 (4R25-2), Varta 439 (6F 100).


Elektronics and Photobatteries

Lady N (LR1), LR10A, LR11A, LR27, LRV08, V23GA, 4LR44, V4034PX, 4SR44, V28PX, 4LR61 Flat Pack, CR 1/3N, 2CR 1/3N, V28PXL, V74PX, CR123, CR2, CR-P2, 2CR5, CR-V3.


Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries by Energizer, Tecxus, HighPower, Micro AAA (LR3, L92, FR03), Mignon AA (LR6, L91, FR06), 9V Block (CR9V). Highclass, low priced batteries from first class manufacturers.